ZORA API Hackathon In Review

Creative Goals and Unexpected Detours

I had initially planned on creating a more full-fledged NFT analytics demo, showcasing not only collection data such as number of holders and sales volume, but also things like an individual token’s image, attributes, rarity, and sales data. Instead, I was struck by inspiration partway through the hackathon…which turned into more of a fun puzzle to follow than anything else. You know how it goes.

graphyql query to get the top 10 Zorbs holders
query to get the contents of my wallet
a somewhat-accurate measure of the top shared communities among crypto_coven holders

Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned

Coming from the cold barren wastelands of web2 and thus being unfamiliar with GraphQL prior to the release of ZORA’s API, I was at a bit of a disadvantage and had to learn as I went, distilling the bare minimum needed to accomplish my goals in a short time period.

running batches of 10 wallets at a time, every 2 seconds. 300 requests/min instead of 30. oops 😅
the kevin of hackathon submissions

Thoughts on the ZORA API

Coming from the world of web2 where so much still runs on REST, Zora’s API using GraphQL is a breath a fresh air.

API Wishlist

First and foremost, I’d like to see parity across marketplaces as far as the data provided by the ZORA API goes. While sales data from markets like OpenSea is accessible through the ZORA API, OpenSea listings are not currently included when calculating the floorPrice aggregate stat. Likewise, data sources other than mainnet are not yet included in results.

Voting Issues

Unfortunately the hackathon was marred by some issues when it came to the Zorbs holder vote on the top three projects, which provides an opportunity to examine what went wrong, and brainstorm how similar situations might be avoided in the future.


Overall, I had a net positive experience with the ZORA API hackathon, and found the API easy to use, even as a complete newcomer to GraphQL. I’d like to see the API continue to grow, with more indexer and market data being made available to developers in the future. More clarity during the voting process would have been appreciated.





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