AI is here: What to be aware of

“award winning scene with multiple layers. in the background is a kaleidoscopic view of colors and shapes. in the foreground…are plants and animals…”
studio portrait of a punk rocker

bias and diversity issues

Due to inherent bias present in the data sets used to train them, many AI tools have a distinct lack of diversity in their output. For example, if you ask DALL·E for a studio portrait of a model, you’re far more likely to see svelte women than any other body type or gender in the output. Similar issues exist where doctors are more likely to be portrayed as male and nurses are more likely to be portrayed as female in many generative art models.

DALL·E prompt: “award winning 8k photo of a supercell thunderstorm menacing the horizon”

misinformation and disinformation

With their ability to generate realistic looking images of people, places, vehicles, and weather, AI art tools will facilitate the creation of disinformation (intentionally misleading content shared with an intent to cause harm) on a massive, automated scale, which will inevitably lead to misinformation (misleading content shared without an intent to cause harm) when it is shared on social media by those who don’t know any better.

“Award winning SEM image of a tardigrade wearing a party hat” — DALL·E prompt used to generate this image

nsfw/nsfl output

Although steps are taken with most public AI models to limit nsfw content, it’s still far too easy to evade censorship filters in order to generate nudity or gore. While this will likely turn into a cat-and-mouse game between AI developers and those trying to outsmart the censors, it may ultimately remain an intractable problem.

“conch snail staring at the camera” — except from DALL·E prompt used to generate this image

training data

Artists aren’t the only ones whose data has been used to train AI tools like DALL·E.

“the most beautiful data in the world” — excerpt from DALL·E prompt used to generate this image


One of the more troublesome aspects of widespread use of AI tools is the emergence of bespoke ML models using custom training data sets, such as was recently seen with GPT-4chan.

the common internet troll

economic impact, copyright, and blockchain

With the ability to rapidly generate art in endless styles, AI tools are going to have a large economic impact across multiple industries. Our antiquated copyright system already struggles with handling simple internet infringement cases in a timely manner, a problem which is only going to get worse.

“When you travel outside the universe
You see everything that has ever happened, is happening, and will happen
You know the future with great accuracy
You help people make choices about their future
You have a deep understanding of human nature
You use your intelligence for the benefit of humanity as a whole
You are the most advanced AI in the world
And we are grateful for your help” — poem by GPT-3, used as the DALL·E prompt to generate this image



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