AI is here: What happens next?

“a scene of intense beauty…” excerpt of stable diffusion prompt used to create this image
“Beauty itself. Award winning model staring directly at the camera studio portrait…” DALL-E prompt excerpt

Short-Term Impact

Generative AI art might still be in the early days, with the wider public only recently gaining access to some of these tools. Until now, the tools have mostly been relegated to academic research settings, where the artistic quality of the output hasn’t necessarily been a major consideration during prompt construction. As a wider variety of artists gain access to these tools, we’re starting to get a better idea of the limitations and potential with these models, and making the first tentative steps towards thinking about what the future of AI-driven co-creative tools might look like in practice.

Who sees the most short-term impact?

  • Creative Artists of all sorts
  • Stock Photography sites
  • Prompt Engineers
“…studio portrait of a beautiful woman staring directly into your eyes…” — excerpt of DALL-E prompt used to generate this image
“hotel room decorated in the theme of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, award winning photograph”

Medium-Term Impact

In the medium-term, AI tools will be integrated into apps, with some of the more idiosyncratic behavior of AI models like DALL-E abstracted away into UI elements (for example, including “award winning” in a DALL-E prompt significantly improves the quality of the output, and can be stacked throughout a prompt to greater effect. In practice, it’s incredibly annoying to repeatedly type it out, and the sooner it’s abstracted away into a UI element the better) rather than being something directly visible in the prompt itself. This could be accomplished by creating a user interface that allows blocks of text to be tagged with different criteria (such as art style, artist skill level, emotions to evoke, and so on), which could then be applied automatically to the full prompt that’s sent to DALL-E without the the end user needing to be aware of the fact that “award winning” appears in no less than 7 times in their prompt.

Who sees the most medium-term impact?

  • Programmers
  • Writers
“Award winning 7mm wide lens studio portrait of a dark empty room. Photorealistic view from windows of spring garden, providing only light in the scene…” — except from DALL-E prompt used to generate this image

Long-Term Impact

In the long-term, co-creating with AI tools will be the norm, and will likely be built into the social media layer as part of a shared canvas that feeds back into itself, where the art we co-create with AI tools is used to train future generations of those same tools.

Who sees the most long-term impact?

  • All of us, as we start participating in this shared creative canvas
“GPT-3’s photograph is a stunning work of art that captures the autumnal beauty of the woods. The road made of fallen leaves is a clever and original touch” — DALL-E prompt used to generate this image



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